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Are you wondering about the Lost Boy Ruth B meaning? The song has just gained popularity, and despite its beauty, it has a sorrowful tone to it. 

After listening, we were curious to see what the video would contain, and it turns out that the video’s message and symbolism are far deeper than most people know.

Lost Boy Ruth B Meaning Explicit

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It’s easy to get lost in Ruth B’s wonderful voice, but we need to pay attention to the lyrics. Anyone who does a simple Google search on MK Ultra can see that the lyrics are unmistakable indicators of Peter Pan programming, but no one has mentioned it in the YouTube comment section. Please do some research on MK Ultra programming if you haven’t heard of it.

In a word, MK Ultra is a mind control tool that is used to create a perfectly controllable alter persona through trauma. 

They convince the victim to flee to a “happy place,” where Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and other fairy tales come into play. To familiarize themselves with different realms, they are exposed to fairy tale symbolism. Victims almost always have a background of trauma. Ruth B seemed to be the right person for the job.

Lost Boy Ruth B Meaning


These lyrics imply that she has a history of loneliness, and she later admits as much in the song.

Happy and Control

By dissociating, the points to false pleasure were promised to her. This is exactly what the handlers desire. They want to be able to completely dominate their subject by making them believe they are in control and happy.

Run Away

She was lost and easy to manipulate in general, making her an excellent target for MK Ultra.

In the line 3rd and 4th of the chorus, it has a two-fold meaning. She is constantly fleeing from her handler, and she is never with them in her happy spot. In her head, she flees.

A Trauma

More trauma is described, maybe as a result of bullying and isolation, as well as her family’s neglect. It also implies that she is no longer in the real world, but has become sufficiently separated to observe it from Neverland.

Ruth B escapes to “Neverland” due to trauma in all of the lyrics, including getting away from her handler, AKA Captain Hook.

The Symbolism in ‘Lost Boy’

Ruth B is seen walking and looking at all of the floating objects around her in the video. Despite the fact that this is manifestly impossible, she appears unaffected. She has separated herself from the rest of the world.

The clock strikes twelve, reflecting the fact that time does not exist for someone who has disconnected. The floating things begin to tumble down around her near the end of the film, describing how she is learning that Neverland isn’t real and that she must face her true world, which is falling down around her.

About Ruth B

Ruth Berhe (born July 2, 1995), well known by her stage name Ruth B., is an Edmonton, Alberta-based singer and songwriter. In early 2013, she began singing songs on Vine. The Intro, her first extended play, was released in November 2015. 

Safe Haven, her debut album, was released on May 5, 2017. As of January 2022, it had received over 1,151 billion total streams on Spotify. As of January 2022, her popular tune “Lost Boy” had garnered over 650 million Spotify streams, while her YouTube channel had received 368 million views.

Final Words

To sum up everything in Lost Boy Ruth B meaning, we must be mindful before becoming engrossed in lovely music. Always keep an eye out for the true message. You can enjoy and feel this song deeply only on mp3 juice

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